IMT Holdings

IMT Holdings, Corp. (IMT) develops and delivers the best in high-value, Business and Government Analytic information software products and services through its subsidiary companies, Rosoka Software, Inc. and IMT Solutions Corporation. We specialize in enhanced natural language processing (NLP) for content analytics, including entity and relationship extraction; geospatial coordinate mapping and geotagging products.

IMT latest release Rosoka v. 3.2, includes embedded geotagging with native disambiguation algorithms.  IMT provides the most innovative, customizable products designed to easily integrate.  We created an out-of-the-box solution for Big Data and Cloud Computing, that is also customizable to improve functionality and increase usability of data content. 

Rosoka Multilingual Product Suite offers language identification while performing entity extraction, relationship extraction and Natural Language Processing.  It replaces the need for translation before extraction. 

Rosoka Geogravy geospatial tagging tooladds the highly sought after geospatial dimension, bringing organizations a new cost-effective means to include location-based Analytics to the decision-making table.


“Multi-level information enriches Data Analytics and enhances your decision-making process.  Better tools yield better decisions.”

~ Gregory Roberts, President and CEO, IMT Holdings, Corp.

Letter from CEO 

History of IMT


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