IMT Holdings

IMT Holdings Corp. , through its two subsidiaries, Rosoka Software, Inc. and IMT Solutions Corporations, provides the resources to solve tomorrows issues today.

The two subsidiaries work together with all products and applications developed and licensed by Rosoka Software, Inc. and all services provided by IMT Solutions Corporation.

IMT Holdings qualifies as a Small Business and a Government contractor, with the added benefit of an expert staff which learned best practices gained from prior employment experience at one of the largest government contractors supporting the Intelligence Community. IMT Holdings personnel are experienced at managing large virtual infrastructures with user bases across disparate geographic locations. Key management have integrated and scaled numerous commercial software packages, with our group of analysts and technical staff providing day-to-day operational systems support of critical Government systems with experience creating and supporting solutions for effective intelligence tradecraft.


IMT Holdings and its subsidiaries have an abundance of collaborators and partners willing to participate in combined product development and enhancement.

Letter from CEO 

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